9 Day Tours from Casablanca to Fez and Marrakech via Chefchaouen

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Itinerary: tours from casablanca

1st day: Arrival IN Casablanca

First day of the tours from Casablanca to Fez. The international airport of Casablanca is your landing place after you will find us waiting, and then taking a short tour around the largest mosque in Africa, Hassan 2 Mosque which looks to the Atlantic Ocean and is built partially on the sea. Finally, we will move to spend our night in a hotel.

2nd day: Casablanca to Chefchaouen

No good day starts without breakfast, as a result, we will take our breakfast and get out to discover Casablanca sights which are the United Nation Palace, the surrounding Royal Palace, and the Corniche of Ain Adyab.  Before moving to Rabat, we will have lunch. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, in which we will visit Oudaya Kasbah & Garden, Bou Regreg River, Bab Chellah, Mohamed5 mausoleum, Hassan Tower Mosque, and the giant Bridge which links the Sale city and Rabat. Then continuing our tours from Casablanca by moving to Chefchaouen city for dinner and overnight.

3rd day: Exploring Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen a widely appeared city between the two climaxes in the charming Rif Mountains bearing in mind the fresh sun lamp that descend among that narrow path of the city making the blue color spark and delight. Chefchaouen was a traffic way between Tetouan and Fez and served as a base for the curbing of Portuguese after it was colonized by the Spanish in 1920. You will observe that Chefchaouen is made up of several building containing striking blue and whitewashed explained by Andalusian refugees escaping the Reconquista who recreated the blue city of Chefchaouen that make the visitor feel as he or she is in Spain due to its red-tiled roofs and artistic doorways which give a sense of tranquility, comfort. Spending the day exploring the sights, sounds, and smells of the medina, the shops in the square selling woven goods and small sweets, and most importantly, tasting the town’s famous goat’s cheese. Herds of goats wander the sparse hillsides that surround Chefchaouen, and their cheese is sold in great fresh rounds in the street markets investigating what this attractive city abounds to us in monuments. This city contains several ancient districts, such as the KASBAH, SOUIKA…that deserve seeing where you can stroll through the tranquil gardens inside, visit the ethnographic museum, and soak in wonderful views from the rooftop then move to the waterfall of Ras el-Maa to get refreshed before continuing our discovering by driving out of town to enjoy a short hike in the surrounding hills. For dinner, you will be grateful when enjoying Moroccan food in a house cooked full of taste and made with much love.


4th day: Chefchaouen – Volubilis to Fez

Breakfast first, then traveling to discover Plaza of Lhdim, Bab Mansour, Souk with beautiful colors, Sahrij Souani which is a wide pool, long walls (40km) surrounding the eldest quarter of Meknes, Borj Belkari, and Royal Stables. Before moving to explore Volubilis, we will have our lunch. Then head to Volubilis which is an old city that was built with big stones. It is an old city built by Berbers and was under the kingdom of Berber in Mauritania after this agricultural city was invaded by Romans made it diverse architecturally. It is ruined by the excavation of French and earthquakes. But it was restored partially after we will visit Moulay Driss village. Ultimately, we will travel to Fez to continue our tours from Casablanca.

5th day: Exploring Fez

On the fifth day of our tours from Casablanca. Following breakfast in the scientific capital and the spiritual city of  Fes, the second largest city of Morocco that was a center of the Jewish community during the past historical times, explained by the old city of Fez el Bali that is possibly may be defined as the greatest of all Medinas and by its situation and pictured alleyways modifying by the move of donkeys piled high with goods that show the exists and the stills of traditional life that is hugged between Fez’s people, also the air perfumed by spices; it kicks us back through times to the Middle Ages. In addition, due to the guide that our premium local tour offered to its customers, you with the artisans’ creations that adorned the narrow streets, to rich your knowledge about tanneries and how Morrocan makes leathers visit mosques and colorful local authentic Moroccan architectural characters. Going and investigating the dissimilar specialty places of the Center of the city enjoying typically food made up of natural butter and fats, taking pleasure in tasty pastries, crepes, and soups to dried and fresh produce. Fez was established by Idris 1 in the twelfth century and was known for a long time to be the social capital and local point of the Almohad it is currently a World Heritage site according to UNESCO classification because it embraces many monument places worth seeing as the old city, known locally as Fes el Bali, it’s an attractive charming place, a place that is debatably one of the world’s most captivating old city. Fez was being for a long time as an educational center for people that have diverse nationality, it was the point where many cultures were intermixed especially at the University of AL –Karaouine the oldest in the region and in the world according to UNESCO where we find mosques of great renown that was a place for prayer and also as a library and religious institutions. Walking around the specialty zone that divides the souk, filled with historic khans, madrassas, and dye-pits, stalls overloaded by fruits, herbs, and soups, and where the squawk of chickens, the smell of spice, and the sound of hammering of copper fills the air, by seeing and living that; it is easy to dream yourself heading back to the Middle Ages. Spend the day exploring the old city by visiting the best school ever for studying Islam, the BOUANANIA SCHOOL built during the reign of the MARINIDS, a witness of the MARINIEN architecture in Morocco moving towards the TANNERY as well, so FEZ is famous for producing leathers, we find that the TANNERIES of SHWARARA is one of the famous ones in FEZ before going to the splendid Funduk Nejjarine, a beautifully restored 18th-century inn. Return to your hotel in the late afternoon and enjoy an unforgettable dinner of one of the city’s signature dishes, the salty and sweet pastille.

Tours from Casablanca

6th day: Fez to Marrakech

Today as it’s programmed on these tours from Casablanca our road will be between the cities of the Middle Atlas and Marrakech after having our breakfast. We will travel to visit Ifrane, the most beautiful city in Morocco, which has some beautiful views such as a sculpture lion from stones and a forest which cover some panoramic outlooks after we will move to Cedar forest where we will see Berber Monkeys and spend a little time before traveling to Azrou city which offers amazing views too, so we will visit them. Then we will travel to Beni-Mellal to have our lunch after crossing Khenifra city the center city in the Middle Atlas. In the later afternoon, we will arrive in Marrakech for dinner and aforethought.

7th day: Exploring Marrakech

A dedicated day in these tours from Casablanca for Marrakech city, a Berber name that means the share of God. After our breakfast, we will run out and happiness on your beautiful eyes to discover” the Share of God”. It was the capital of Youssef Ben Tachafine the king of Mourabitine, so it took the most interesting that made it an amazing city that is surrounded by ramparts to control its life. In fact, we will visit Bahia Palace, Saadian Tombs, Garden Majorelle, Koutoubia Mosque, and Jemaa El-Fena where we are going to take our lunch and a short break before getting the Souk to discover different carpets, Berber’s traditional clothes, Bazaars with colored and different styles, and finally, spend the rest time exploring the life of Plaza of Jemaa El-fena where there monkeys, snacks, etc. And then we will go back to our hotel.


8th day: Free day in Marrakech

Last station of these tours from Casablanca. This day will be different, so before moving to visit other places that we didn’t visit yesterday, we will have our breakfast. Actually, it is your choice day, you may rent a local guide to conduct you to discover more or go to Moroccan douche where men or women wash their bodies together. In the later afternoon, your reserved hotel will wait for you.

9th day: Transfer to the Airport

It is your last day on these awesome tours from Casablanca. We will take our breakfast and then move to buy souvenirs in old Medina’ Souk for your friends or family members. Latterly, your home will have been waiting for you, so the last step is to take you to Marrakech airport.

For further details on these tours from Casablanca to Fez, don’t hesitate to contact us.


What is included

  • Private A/C Vehicle or Minivan (plus fuel)
  • English/Spanish/French speaking driver during the tour
  • Pick up & Drop off at your accommodation
  • Accommodation with evening meals & breakfasts
  • Camel Trek to overnight in nomad desert or luxury camp (Private tents)
  • explore volubilis

What is not included

  • Flights
  • Drinks
  • Lunches